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Loft Conversions

Room improvement on your mind? Loft conversions are an ideal way to add more value to your pad. Our reliable team of loft conversion experts can help you get rid of dark spaces into rooms of requirement and utility. From the structural calculations to the final inspection, DAP constructions can give your home the makeover it deserves.

Loft conversions have frequently topped housing and construction surveys for being the ‘best method’ of increasing the value of your property. As per a recent survey, if your house has an extra bedroom and a bathroom, the property’s value increases by at least 21%. Not just that, the new conversion, could also be used to make extra income. Think about it! A loft has so many uses with its limited space. It can be used as a study space, an additional bedroom, a play corner, a library or even as an option for running your very own B&B! As the housing market continues to remain volatile and the costs of moving into another home are sky-rocketing, it goes without saying, that investing in creating another space for your home could prove to be highly lucrative.

What Are The Benefits Of A Loft Conversion?

  •         Quicker to complete over most other types of conversions
  •         Doesn’t tamper with your private garden space
  •         Considerably improves the aesthetics of the attic and the overall house
  •         Adds more value to your property
  •         No prior planning permission is required in most cases
  •         It is an economical option and is cheaper than moving into a new house
  •         Improves the overall quality of living

Is My House Suitable For A Loft Conversion?

Our pool of loft conversion specialists can help you gauge whether your property is suitable for a loft conversion process in the initial, consultation phase. The first stage of any loft conversion process is to inspect the space that you have at home. The dimensions of the room are then noted down and assessed. Once that is done, the specialists establish if there is adequate room under the ridge of the roof right up to the loft joist. There should ideally be a good 2.4 metre distance. Other building regulation parameters are tested while deciding on whether the house is suitable for a loft conversion. DAP constructions can help take the stress out of the conversion experience by governing and dealing with all the building regulation issues before handing over the finished product to you i.e. The overall structure of the house is tested, proper insulation between rooms is verified and also if there is a safe exit/passage from the loft in the event of any emergency.

If your property is suitable for conversion, the work will commence on site as per your convenience. Allow for 4-6 weeks of on site work for the loft conversion.

Why Choose Us?

  •         Industry specialists with over 31 years experience
  •         End-to-end solutions – right from the planning stages to the final completed Building project.
  •         DAP Construction is a Chartered Building Company


Loft conversions can range from anywhere between £30,000 to £90,000, depending on the specifications of the available space and requirements. Fitting out costs can vary from £10,000 to £30,000.

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