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Building Extensions

Building extensions, like the name suggest, are additional spaces being added to your property and is a sure-fire way to add value to your home. With property prices rapidly spiraling, more homeowners in the UK, it would be prudent to stick to the properties you already have and opt for an extension if there is a requirement for space. As with any major project, there are a lot of factors that need to be carefully considered before any extension work can be undertaken. DAP Construction offers personalized home improvement, building and construction services to residents living in Surrey and South West London. Since 1985, DAP has pioneered state-of-the-art building and construction services and has added significant aesthetic and monetary value to countless properties in the UK.

Building Extensions

Benefits Of A Building Extensions

  • You can widen pre-existing rooms or add more rooms – the choice is yours!
  • You have total advantage to extend your space upwards for a loft conversion or downwards, to create a new basement. You could even extend it outwards, if you get approval.
  • You will not be affected by the volatile housing market and will not have to worry about moving.
  • You can use this space to garner revenue. Try converting it into an office for your home business, convert the space into a dance studio or rent it out as a homestay/bed and breakfast option.

Planning Permission

If you are planning to extend the property outward and if it is going to involve significant alteration to the size, shape or the length of your property, a successful planning permission application will be necessary. So, if your proposed plan for the extension is going to be higher than your existing roof, is over four metres high and two metres within your property or the total volume of the property is going to be increased by 10%, you will require an approved planning permission application to get started with the work.

Why Choose Us?

  • DAP Construction builders are the flag-bearers in the home improvement and construction services industry, with 31 years of expertise.
  • All-inclusive building and construction services are provided, right from the planning stages to the final execution and post-management of the project.
  • DAP Construction is a certified Chartered Building Company, with NIC EIC being approved contractors.
  • All works carried out by DAP Construction are subject to a 6 months defects liability period.


Building extensions can vary from £40,000 up to £300,000, depending on the size and requirements of the client. Fitting out costs depend on the specifications of kitchen and finishes to walls and  floors.

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