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Basement Conversions

If you are space-starved, working your way downwards is what you should ideally be doing. Residents of the UK are now looking to extend their living spaces by ‘digging deep’. Creating extra spaces have become a fad and are being used to create gold-tiled pools, parking spaces for classic cars, study rooms, an extra bedroom, or just a lounge area. Gone are the Victorian days, where basements were only used for the storage of coal. With the need for basements increasing around the country, there is also an upward surge for basements builders. DAP Construction has been servicing clients for housing and construction solutions in Surrey and South West London since 1985 and provides exclusive solutions for basement conversions.

Many a time, houses come with a lot of unused basement space. By seeking professional help and the services of DAP Construction, clients have been able to convert dark, dingy corners into livable spaces that add to the aesthetics and the overall value of the property. Whether you are mole millionaire or an average suburbanite, there is a common need for space that drives people in the UK to go in for basement conversions.

Planning Permission

Converting an existing cellar, modest alterations and extensions may not require you to file a planning application, especially if the work does not involve making significant alterations to the building’s exterior appearance. However, it may vary from one property to another. Always keep yourself well-informed when it comes to the ‘Permitted Development Rights’ for your property.

What Are The Benefits Of Basement Conversion?

  • With the right planning permission (if required) in place, you will be able to dig out an extra space and convert it into whatever the heart desires!
  • If you build a basement for your house, your property will be better-insulated than other properties, because basements retain heat more efficiently.
  • You can look at generating income from a basement conversion; you could choose to keep tenants or rent it out as a B&B option!
  • It is a cost-effective option because you can still make more space without having to move out of your house.
  • No significant alterations will be made to the exterior structure of the building.

The DAP Construction Edge – Why Choose Us?

  • We use the best quality materials and products to design, construct and convert the basement.
  • We can undertake any project and customize the basement conversions pertaining to your requirements. We will also ensure that the final product is delivered on time and within the budget.
  • We are the forerunners in the building and construction services industry in the UK, serving Surrey and South West London for over 31 years.
  • We are a certified, Chartered Building Company
  • We deliver end-to-end solutions, right from assessing the property, to the initial design, surveillance, construction and post-surveillance services.\


Conversion of basements to a typical terraced house (under hallway) will cost £25,000. Fitting out costs will be £30,000. If you require the creation of basements under hall and reception rooms in a typical terraced house, the costs will be from  £90,000 up to £400,000 for detached houses.

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