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How much it costs depends on a number of factors, such as, how much is involved and the level of specification you are hoping to achieve. Access constraints and ground conditions will also have a bearing on cost.
Below are some examples to be viewed as a very rough guideline only. All figures are VAT exclusive:

Conversion of basement to typical terraced house (under hallway) £25,000   Fitting Out Costs   £30,000
Creation of basement under hall and reception rooms in typical terraced house £90,000    Fitting Out Costs   Low medium Spec    £70000
Conversion of Loft space can be from £30,000 to £45,000    Fitting Out Costs 10,000      £30,000
Extensions can vary from £40,000 to £140,000 depending on size and specification from the client. Fitting Out Costs can depend on Specifications of Kitchen and finishes to walls floors
Vault conversion £30,000
New basement constructed under garden: e.g. office, gym and shower room £150,000   Fitting out costs   vary from £50,000 to £150,000


Generally planning permission will be required  and this will usually take 2-3 months to put in place. Once this has been obtained and any other design issues and notices have been processed, the works can commence on site. For the small conversion of an existing space, allow several weeks on site. For a large basement,Extension or Loft  allow  4-6 months on site.

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