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Construction Process

By this time we will have agreed exactly all that is to be built. Planning permission and building regulations approval will have been obtained and Party Wall Awards will have been put in place, subject to DAP Constructions quotation being acceptable.

The file will be handed over to David Phelan our Regional Manager, for review. He will then assign one of our engineers to the project. Following this handover the engineer will call you to arrange to visit the site and discuss any concerns or points you might have.

We will indicate our proposed programme for the works and give you a provisional start date.
The works will be undertaken on site by teams of men numbering between 2 and 4 working under a foreman. The foreman will work under the supervision of a DAP Construction Engineer.. For each phase of the project, the team will have been issued with a written schedule of works. The schedule will describe in detail the scope of work and the timescale. The DAP Construction engineer will usually meet the foreman on the first day and go through the works. There will be periodic inspections to ensure that everything is being constructed as planned.
We will build-in a contingency into each of the teams’ timescale to ensure that different phases do not overlap. This will sometimes translate into small periods on site where there is no activity.

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