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Architecture and Design

The quality of your surroundings can have a direct and progressive impact on your life. It is therefore, extremely important to build spaces; be it a home, the workplace, or the public realm, that echoes the quality of life you seek. Architecture and design are across-the-board. We, at DAP Construction, provide professional architecture and design solutions, no matter how small or big your project is. When we work with our clients who are based mostly in Surrey and South West London, we produce buildings and designs that both parties can be proud of. When we are designing your dream project, we consider all aspects of the construction, right from the structural stability of the building, to sculpting the spaces using natural light and how the design of your project integrates fire protection. At DAP Construction, we will also liaise with your council for specific building regulations. At the end of the day, what matters is, dedicated, timely services and we can vouch for that! The building plans we provide our clients are delivered on time and within the budget expectations of our clients. Unravel the potential of your dream space with DAP Construction – the expert construction and building solutions provider in the UK.

Our Focus

We offer architecture and design services for homeowners, developers and commercial clientele. Most individual architects work on large systems, but our company specializes in residential, architectural projects and commercial work. We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective packages that combines the best of our expertise, your building project ideas and detailed plans. Our focus will largely be directed towards –

  •         Initial Consultation
  •         Interior Design
  •         Spatial Planning
  •         Custom-designed furnishings
  •         Bespoke architectural designs
  •         Joinery
  •         Kitchen-work
  •         Bathroom Remodeling
  •         Fireplaces
  •         Fibrous Plaster Work
  •         Painting
  •         Marble Works
  •         Furnishings and fittings
  •         Follow-up work

The ‘DAP Edge’ – Why Choose Us?

  •         DAP Construction has had 31 years of experience in the field of home and commercial improvement.
  •         Apart from the building and construction services, DAP Construction has worked on a number of residential and commercial projects, offering  niche architecture and design services.
  •         Right from the planning stages to the final execution and post-management of the project, DAP Construction has it all covered!
  •         DAP Construction is a certified Chartered Building Company.  
  •         All major design and architectural works carried out by DAP Construction are subject to a 6 months defects liability period.

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